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AA Michael Channelling...The Word is Out!

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AA Michael Channelling...The Word is Out!

Post  Heather on Wed Oct 29, 2014 5:34 pm

I channelled this message after a day I had a negative interaction with someone I am close to...see if it resounds true for you too.

Channelling…AA Michael and… The Word is Out.

That ‘something in the air’ has grown…don’t you think?
It has a habit of doing that when the respect and habitual yearnings of the soul are not met. The unrest is quite universal at the moment.
Do not be perturbed as it is the yearnings of the soul flexing and stretching and preparing to be more than it can be seen to be now.

The list gets bigger…Lol! An old friend to you now…this set of words???

…Now you understand that life is for the living and the ego plays a huge part in the recipe of doom and gladness.
‘Today was a really bad idea’…you say…you had a massive, clueless attack of the ego. Yes it was you too.
Not only was it supermassive on a personal scale…it was also notable on a Universal scale too.
The person who you had an adjustment with has not the same level of understanding and so the damaged ego hurts quite badly.
You can see this and you can feel for him too. The love that you feel will heal the tear but be prepared to risk the relationship will not be quite the same again. Not badly awry just a little more unsettled for a little bit.

By now you will have realized that… it was something that could not be avoided any longer.
The personality can only take a certain amount of personal angst and that is a result of a maladjustment between the ego’s expectations and the role of the soul in the activities of life.
The bad feeling that follows or accompanies a negative relationship interaction or a negative happening is merely the misalignment between the soul’s purpose that was mapped out before birth and the wishes of the ego personality that was formed through the living of life.
This can be very painful and sometimes disasterous. The feeling is your best form of guidance on the moment and happening.
It is instant and it is easily understood. When this feeling is ignored, it grows and it grows and it gets even more urgent that it be acknowledged.
Until sometimes, dis-ease and ill-ness makes themselves known and this is when the critical point is reached.
But still there is a chance to notice and acknowledge this wisdom that is sent as a guidance. Yes, you heard right…wisdom!

The wisdom of the body as it interacts with your life role. The body always knows exactly what is in your heart and mind and it reacts accordingly. You know this…only yesterday as you were thinking about buying a dress (the dress was a straight shift type and not all that roomy) and were a little caught up in the hype that accompanies the shopper as she tunes into the energy of the shop…. You thought…will I …or won’t I….
You felt a cramp in your foot…then not just one foot…both feet. You thought…What is going on? I am not dehydrated and I have comfortable shoes on…. Then it dawned on you…
The DRESS! Yes it would be a little cramped to sit down in and walk in and I probably would not wear it all that often for this reason.
The cramp in the feet got your attention and you were able to link it to the thought that you were pondering on.
You breathed a sigh of understanding and the cramps slowly faded…You changed your mind about the dress.
The body wisdom is forever present and easily accessed…it can be felt even when the ego is in total control…maybe I should say… particularly when the ego is working its ‘magic’ ( lol)!

Just as a body can foretell of unrest between the soul’s intended role and the personality’s wishes, the’ feel in the air’ can tell of any singularly diabolical misalignment in the heart and mind of a collective …

Did you feel the energy as you drove back from town yesterday as you approached that little town. You knew exactly what it meant.
It was not pleasant? You knew where the feeling came from and why. This is a way you can be guided also.
The’ feeling in the air’ is merely the energy signature.
The energy signature of a shop…Do you get taken in by the urge to buy?
The energy signature of a city…Do you get taken in by the urgency and the stress of the traffic.
And the energy signature of a person…do you feel attracted, repelled, excited, bored….
Yes you feel energy as a certain way to react.

I must state here that not everyone will have the same feeling as you when they encounter the same energy.
…this is because you judge the energy according to your own previous experience.
And this is how it is for you and how it is supposed to be for you.
No one has the same experiences as you and no one has the same responses as you.
That is the way of life.
So be patient with others…they have different energy signatures and different responses and you are not at liberty to judge them.
Be kind and just relax into life and living.

'Be realistic; Plan for a Miracle.' by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.
- heather.
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