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Clear Visions- What do you see?

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Clear Visions- What do you see?

Post  MattDeluka on Sat Sep 10, 2011 2:58 am

I just wanted to open up a discussion to those individuals who see with their third eye. I have had this gift since a very early age. At times I have majorly doubted that I was making things up and it was some sort or form of imagination.
My answer now is don't doubt but write what you see down.

So here is the place to do it..

what do you see in your third eye? has it scared you. For example, one time I saw like a wierd wendigo devil type thing walk past me, stop and stared. Another time I see Archangel Cassiel, he's such a big kid at heart and I often play games with him.

these are some of my own personal experiences, what are yours?


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Re: Clear Visions- What do you see?

Post  Heather on Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:54 am

I don't 'see' (other than in meditation) but I 'hear' and 'feel'.
The other day, my birthday, I had a birthday wish from my Father who died on 6th Sept last year (2 days before my birthday).
On my Birthday, my husband and I had been to town and were driving home. Now and again, I was getting a sharp pain in my ribs under the left arm like I was being poked.
I have learned to look at these things as potential reminders and messages. I started to think who would have a pain in the ribs or who would poke me in the ribs. Then I remembered that Dad used to like to give us kids a very thorough tickling there...almost painful because there is a reflex there, and he at the end had Lymphoma and one of his lumps was in that area.
I asked in my mind, 'Is that Dad'....and heard 'Happy Birthday Kiddo' (he used to call me that when I was little). I did not doubt that I had actually had contact because I immediately felt so happy and content. And then I saw him in my mind's eye and he was smiling.

'Be realistic; Plan for a Miracle.' by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.
- heather.
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Re: Clear Visions- What do you see?

Post  Pronghorn on Sun Oct 02, 2011 10:34 am

This topic of the Third Eye keeps cropping up every now and then. Well if you are used to see roaming spirits then I suppose they will not scare you anymore. In my experience, whenever I see spirits, I feel blessed because it make me realize that I am one of those few fortunate people who have a gift in seeing what is unseen by the physical eyes.

At times I have majorly doubted that I was making things up and it was some sort or form of imagination.
My answer now is don't doubt but write what you see down.

I agree what happened to you is not really strange or impossible. I would not even say that it is rare. Similar things have been experienced by many people, but they don’t talk about these things for fear that people might think they are making things up or imagining them.

Since I was just five years old, I have been seeing strange creatures in our house. I am also capable to talk to them and some of them are not aware that they are dead, or even if they were, they refuse to accept that they are already dead. They are still in a confused state or probably still in shock..

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Re: Clear Visions- What do you see?

Post  Shael on Wed Jan 15, 2014 12:53 am

Are precognitive dreams also a form of clear vision?
What you see in your dreams are not third eye images, rather images sent by the subconscious. But even so, i am curious if a precognitive dream can be considered clear vision.

Four days ago i dreamt that i was installing a software on my computer, or mayber there were many softwares, i don't remember. And nothing seemed to work. I just kept receiving messages that there was something wrong with my system, and other messages which i didn't understand very well, but they were all saying that things weren't working right. I know that the software i was trying to install was very important to me, kind of vital and i panicked when i saw all those error messages.
And yesterday i did have software problems! I couldn't install my new antivirus, everything went well until a certain step where it blocked. Luckily i managed to install it today, but i can't believe how exactly i foresaw this. It is not something major, but whenever i had claircognizance (i never experienced clear vision) it was never about major things in life.
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Re: Clear Visions- What do you see?

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