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    Please read Chatroom Rules

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    Please read Chatroom Rules Empty Please read Chatroom Rules

    Post  MattDeluka Tue Jun 11, 2013 5:17 am

    The following are some basic rules to safeguard the members on this board.
    Please adhere to them and if you are feeling threatened or if something is shared which is not of the board here. Please in box one of the moderators of the board.

    1) No webcam activity allowed on this forum.
    2)Free from any form of sexual discussions, innuendos or suggestions for on or offline content which is graffick.
    3)Any obscene gestures or swearing at anyone.
    4)Bullying or threatening behavior in any sense, shape or form.
    5) Email, personal website or social networks/forum swaps.

    The above will result in an instant dismissal and banned membership from this board indefinately.

    Actions which will warrant a Warning, that could result in a member being banned.

    1. Unnecessary disagreements and arguements which causes another to react unnecessarily.

    2. Members hiding their idenitity or their ages which may be to groom other individuals for any reason whatsoever.

    3. No swapping of email addresses, social networks,business networking, or forum swapping. This will create a warning.
    4. Do not put down other members opinions. You may be different to others and vice versa but learn from others and take something positive from the chat.

    5. Members should respect each other and be polite with each other.

    6. Chat only no music, microphones, or filming with webcams can be used.

    7. Ignoring admin or moderators requests to change if being made aware of wrongful behaviour.

    8. No readings or healings in the chatroom unless supervised by a member of staff. Currently, Casey or Matt please.
    9. Do not join and then leave, it's rude at least come and say hello and stay around for 5-10 mins

    10. Dear members we allow you to type Clear/ to enable personal history of chat to be wiped clean.
    You will be warned up to three times, if you still misbehave on the forum after three warnings you will be asked to leave the forum.

    Please join in chat and help build the forum to a great high standard.
    Thank you.


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