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The Passion of Music

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The Passion of Music Empty The Passion of Music

Post  Moonstone Sat Jan 11, 2014 1:32 am

The haunting verses echo as the phantom begins
Nobody knows the outcome as to who will win
The battle of the melodies as they rise one by one
As the black and white ribbons entwine with the light
Fighting for submission in the knowledge as to what is night
In dreams they divide in the mind; as the dark submits to the fight
By then the subconscious has time to submit to its own plight
And in that moment as the momentum builds
The spotlight shines on the phantom but the mask still conceals
The secret within the darkest fantasy of a stranger afield
One who doesn’t want the answers to which he must yield

And as the secret still hides the temptation to look deeper within
Nobody knows of the mystery man behind the mask that is his own kin
But in this twist of the gothic spun tale, the angel herself to no avail
Temptation arises with the beautiful story of jealousy, envy, to no former glory
And in its fictional ending with a veil of mystery in the air
Perhaps we all have something to learn from this tale to be fair
The song in question has a mind of its own, which on,
The wings of darkness the angel of light has now flown
The well beaten love for a melody of the soul
Has left the audience yearning for a much more ambitious toll

Its a tragic rendition of what could go wrong
In a old fashioned love story in which the angel doesn’t belong
Perhaps the music that frames this story of old
Must have more to offer as to what this song can tell
May the angel of music be at peace as well
As the man behind the mask that has hidden for years
Perhaps its time to conquer his collection of fears
Instead of luring a beautiful maiden into the deep
Below the city where the darkness and mystery
Seems to be keep a legend now written and sung
In reality too and this poem is birthed as a gift from me

To you to remind us that the power of words isn’t all that we sought
But the power of music and love in our hearts is all and more than we thought
And so this is a reminder of what we’ve been taught...
May we find the key to our heart which can unlock that other dimension door
May we find peace, passion, joy and love and what we’ve been hoping to find...


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