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    UFO Feelings.. Capture your thoughts

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    UFO Feelings.. Capture your thoughts Empty UFO Feelings.. Capture your thoughts

    Post  MattDeluka Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:10 am

    I was just wondering if by chance people were open enough to see in the 3rd eye anything different or unusual. Or if any of the alien friends decided "she is open, lets speak to her" abduct
    I wonder when you see the aircraft if there was anything different in yourself or anything that stuck out.

    When I seen the orange ufo back almost two years ago. I had an image of a blue uniform and humanoid person. He felt good in the sense that he didn't feel a threat. So I was wondering if anyone had any other projections at them?

    matt Jo

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    UFO Feelings.. Capture your thoughts Empty Re: UFO Feelings.. Capture your thoughts

    Post  CaseyBauer Sun Apr 03, 2011 2:10 am

    Hi Matt, Great topic Very Happy

    I do get feelings and impressions yes, like you say when I see a craft I feel like I am there or that the beings within are showing themselves to me telepathically. I maybe making it up or putting things into my own mind but my gut tells me this isn't so.

    When we saw that UFO a couple of years ago I could see a really tall man in my head, he was all black and I couldn't make out much about him only he had piercing eyes, was quite scary but at the same time I would have loved to have got more from this, perhaps my fear of the unknown made the connection stop.

    Interesting what you say about the people who see these crafts, I do think if you are open then your experiences will be more rewarding, although when people who don't believe see things I think this is because it is within there life script for this to happen to perhaps awaken something within them.

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    UFO Feelings.. Capture your thoughts Empty Re: UFO Feelings.. Capture your thoughts

    Post  Shael Fri Dec 09, 2011 7:08 am

    This reminds me of some stuff i read a while ago about the conditions for one to interract with aliens. When i say interract, i mean all 5 types of encounters, but especially the 3dr and 4th types. And also the telepathic communication.
    The following opinion is shared by many researchers of the UFO phenomenon, and i agree with most of it. They say that one must be very open to alien communication. Otherwise, the communication is hindern by one's own doubts or fears.
    They also said that in order for us to also travel in space and meet aliens, we should build spaceships which bend space, basically spapceships that travel through black holes. But this space bending, might also imply manipulating time. This is not entirely researched, because we don't know yet what exactly time is. But in order to bend space and manipulate time, we need a different way of thinking, a different way of viewing time and space. In order to travel to a place where space and time are manipulated, we have to make some changes in our own minds.

    The ufologist Anthony Bragalia says that UFOs are both material and immaterial. They are material because they have a shape and can be solid. But they are immaterial because they can turn into light or modify their shape. UFOs operate in many dimentions and use both frequences that we know and that we don't know. This is why, if we want a long conversation with aliens, we have to enlarge our understanding and perception of the world, and also have an open mind.
    The part of their theory i don't understand is... if one of the most important conditions to communicate with aliens is to be open to them, why are there so many encounters of people who were scared of the phenomenon or deny it?
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    UFO Feelings.. Capture your thoughts Empty Re: UFO Feelings.. Capture your thoughts

    Post  Pronghorn Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:03 am

    I also have a story that I want to share regarding UFO sightings.

    There's a woman here in the Philippines who claimed she was in touch with extraterrestrials, and could make an appointment for you to watch their flying vessels at a specific time and place.

    We call her "Alien Meeting Organizer".
    *LOL* Razz Sounds ridiculous but thats what the believers call her.

    We asked my classmate's friend to make a date for us to see the exterrestrial vessel. The chosen site for three or four of us friends was at 12 o’clock on the unknown farm on Quezon Province, where we were doing a camping.

    On the dot, we were lined up, staring up at the sky and feeling silly and bored. But indeed, after a few minutes, three UFOs with lights made an appearance for a few minutes, then disappeared. But all of us saw them. I was so surprised and I even rubbed my eyes because it seems it projected some magical spell and stunned me.

    Well when we discussed what we seen, our common observation was that these incredible aerial vehicles do not move like airplanes nor like jetplanes that follow the straight path. Instead, they move forward, then sideways - from left to right and vice versa - to disappear into the next dimension. We were so convinced of what we saw. We concluded that the reason people hardly saw UFOs was that they never bothered to look up at the sky! Well... yes! except when it is raining... Very Happy

    That was the year, too, that my cousin was dying of asthma. My another cousin and I would go to our province where our cousin lived and sometimes sleep there. Their house had a kind of tower accessible by a circular staircase, where the sky all around was visible. I liked staying up there, just for me to feel the breeze that is coming out from the sea near beside their house.

    One night, I was in the tower watching the sky and counting the stars, when an airplane -an honest to goodness one - crossed my sight. Next, what looked very much like an airplane flew by slowly, enough for me to pay full attention to it. The plane had two normal lights on either wing - but moving in circles around each of these lights was a series of blinking red violet and indigo lights. Just like christmas lights!

    The whole scenario seemed to be instructing me: The first one is an airplane, dummy... but this next one is from the other world. I knew and I felt it! It did not gave me goosebumps or what but I felt some strange sensation that I cant explain.

    The true airplane drove straight on. The UFO moved forward and later sideways and vanished from my sight as into another dimension. It acted exactly like the flying vessels we had watched on the farm.

    The next day, I checked with the Philippine Aeronautics, who said they had airplanes with red violet or indigo lights on their wings, but no color of lights, going on and off, and around in circles, like a Christmas ornament!

    Of course, as usual, my family did not believe what I saw.
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    UFO Feelings.. Capture your thoughts Empty Re: UFO Feelings.. Capture your thoughts

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