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has anyone made sense out of signs in dreams?

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has anyone made sense out of signs in dreams?

Post  MattDeluka on Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:42 am

I'm new at all this, but just wondered does anyone use dreams and interpret what they mean and then change directions or you know what do you do with your dreams in general.

I have been having absolutely crazy ones recently and think I'm gonna try and write them all down.

what about u?

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Re: has anyone made sense out of signs in dreams?

Post  CaseyBauer on Sun Jan 16, 2011 8:40 am

I love to dream, interpret and try to figure them out what it all means, it has always fascinated me the how, why and what of dreams, hence why I took a dream therapy course.

I think that our dreams can really influence how we feel and what we do in the waking world, if you think that when you wake from a nightmare for the rest of the day you are on edge (well I am lol), almost frightened and can't get it out of your head and when you have a great dream where the man of your dreams is about to kiss you, well for the rest of the day your walking on cloud9 Cloud 9 they definately influence the way we live.

As for making sense of signs in dreams there are so many people out there with 10million different interpretations for one symbol or sign alone. Doing the dream course I learnt that for example an airplane in a dream to one person could mean travel, to another person fear, another person farewell. Then dependant on what was happening on the plane this would stir up more words and emotions, was it a smooth flight, out of control, crowded, big, small? Did you feel safe, scared, excited? So personally I think the only person who can truly interpret symbols in dreams is the dreamer.

When I do my interpretations I ask key word questions, follow up questions and try to get inside the dreamers psyche to help them come to their own conclusions. I find it fascinating how peoples mind work on a subconscious level.

I also feel that when I for example dream and I am getting signs to change direction I don't jump into it head first, I do think this could be my own desire or instincts buried deep in my mind but I always ask the question which way will take me closer to my desired outcome and what will take me further away.

Sometimes we may dream and believe it's a sign telling us one thing when really it is the complete opposite, that's why you need to come to me and I will try and help you Thumbs up Smile

Interesting topic Matt

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Re: has anyone made sense out of signs in dreams?

Post  Heather on Wed Jun 05, 2013 12:27 pm

My idea..... dreams are the symbolic, intuitive side of the mind (right brain impulses) communicating at a time when the logical and controlling mind (left brain impulses)is asleep and helpless to veto. The messages are not in a language that logic can decode and so if a person wants to decode a dream....then consciousness has to learn the language.
I have been trying to pay attention and learn the language...not from any book, but noticing and asking for internal guidance.
If I remember a dream, I spend some time before I get out of bed...just thinking and intuiting. Morning is the best time for me...before the old logical, thought processes get too fired up.
Sometimes my dreams are grouped in threes...and each one is part of the message but not always following on in content.
It is very interesting.

'Be realistic; Plan for a Miracle.' by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.
- heather.
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Re: has anyone made sense out of signs in dreams?

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