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New Year Message from your angels

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New Year Message from your angels

Post  MattDeluka on Tue Jan 11, 2011 6:28 am

2011 is one where many of you will see the light shine on you like never before. Alot of human kind are enriched in spirit and this will present a way of forward if only you believe. The better quarter of the year will presumably be full of fun, where the freshness of the begining of the year will extend through to spring and summer. This year develops you to think in terms of love. Everyone questions where is the love, but love is everywhere if only you would open your heart and mind and see it. Love is within you, if only you stopped to breath and look within.

When we breathe daily the fresh air into our lungs, never let us to forget the breathe in the love that is freely given. This will replemish your soul and renew your spirit. Love is all that is without love you are nothing. Draw closer to love and let love bring you home.
Anything that is cold does not have it's bearings in love. It is often questioned who speaks of love? We all do when we speak kind and not harsh words with other. We love when we hug each other and enjoy each others company. Love is simple to use and it never rejects those who look for it.
The harsh reality of the world is like a storm in a teacup, we watch the world go by and question the authority of love. When we see the destructive patterns through no fault of our own, we choose to blame everyone including love. Yet it is love which holds us together and keeps us safe from harm. Love is perfect, love is eternal and love never judges us, it is unconditional to all of us. Love calm the storms , it provides us with the patience, delivers us from harm, it gives us fun, laughter and joy.
So when you next stop to think where is the love, stop your life for five minutes and think to yourself who are you? for love resides inside each one of us. Love is you when you show love to others you provide light and comfort. You provide kindness, you provide someone directions if they are lost, you make a friend, you give that spare change to someone who requests that they need it. To love is to make right all wrongs, to forgive a person many times over, regards of what or how they wronged you. Love is to love yourself and to not listen to your negative traits.

So next time you stop and you think about love, challenge your self to accept who you are in love, to love thy neighbour the way you would love to be treated.
For 2011 be prepared to love your self, the world and others the way love wishes to love you.
Spread the love today and make a concious effort to learn to forgive yourself and each other.

Matt and the angels.


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Re: New Year Message from your angels

Post  CaseyBauer on Sat Jan 15, 2011 9:33 am

Thank you so much Matt Jo and the Angels Many Thanks for sharing such a lovely, warm and beautiful channelling message for 2011, it is much appreciated on both parts.

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