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Forum Ethos

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Forum Ethos

Post  MattDeluka on Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:31 am

Our mission and ethos is important because rather than set out rules and regulations, we prefer in a sense to work by the following.

We are a small community which enjoys each others company and when new members join, it is important to point out that we do not wish to be like other forums.

Therefore if you wish to belong to our forum please register only if you will become an active member. This means that you will fully particpate within the forum at some point. We rely as a forum for your own voice to be heard or else how would a forum grow? So please warmly feel free to join in our discussions and become friends with us. Our group maybe small but we are perfect and so are you. We delight in new friends and wish to warmly invite you to participate.
Our forum :
A safe environment from the outside world or harsh online world.

Promotes freedom of speech within an environment which is full of light, warmth and acceptance of each other's beliefs.

Small and user friendly, we don't mind our forum being kept small, but new members who are on the same wavelength as ourselves are welcome too. Very Happy

A light energy forum which is a safe haven for extra/sensitives to allow them to breath in a safe message board and which members won't feel threatened by other members who drive them away because of not being unconditional.

A forum of light, fun, love and learning where members are free to become who they are wanting to with out threat from other members wanting to dominate a board.

Members should not wish to dictate their believes and state what is true to them but not to others. We here believe that everyone's beliefs are acceptable.

Unconditionality and love is what is needed to place our forum forward into the new age. We are hoping that members wish to develop unconditional love and peace together.

No reducing others points of views and beliefs are allowed, we are a forum of expansion not reduction.

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