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Ann Heifets, Jerusalem 2012.12.28 New Earth 1

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Ann Heifets, Jerusalem 2012.12.28 New Earth 1

Post  dimslav on Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:45 pm

2012.12.28 New Earth 1

Ann Heifets, Jerusalem

I now invite Mother Mary, I invite the Golden Brotherhood of Light, and I invite all those light beings, who would like to take part in this conversation. A conversation about what happened and what did not happen, and what can be said to us, or what we want to say.

They are glad that after a long pause we are starting to work again and that we are restarting our communication.

We are now putting this work into the Ray of the Father and into the hands of the Father, so that everything will take place only inside the Plan, and only in service.

Mother Mary is saying:

- Dear friends, those light processes that are happening with you, they are happening with all of us, and you, the new light people, and we, beings working with you, are one plan, we are one phenomenon.

You are our continuation, you are our hands, legs, and organs, with which we can act and twirl; therefore, act, do not freeze in any condition, all the time be internally active, internally in the Ray, internally in the Father, because what has to happen with you, happens to the degree to which you trust that which is happening, to the degree to which you are opening to the light, and the light then starts to work through you.

- So, what is it now, this New Earth?

- It is the new Christ, born in your heart. The New Earth is what was born in your heart, on your new and pure relationship, it is your new spiritual community, which now unites beings of different kinds, but you are all unified in one thing - the creation of the New Earth, the creation of the new spiritual laws and the creation of the new world settlement, in which one will not live at the expense of another, but life will go in acceptance of the will of the Father and in exchange of pure valuables. Therefore, express this new Christ inside yourselves constantly, in all your relationships, in all your actions, in everything that you think and feel.

- What can be said about the New Earth?

What can we say about her. Only that she exists, that there is nothing created on it yet, no forms, no relationships, it just exists, and you are still naked, unprotected, standing on her, and there is nothing here yet, no buildings, spiritual that is. Vegetation, I see, is very gentle and is only starting to grow, water, also still newborn, untouched, it is like an infant, this Earth, and you are on it - like these big infants.

Through intention and thorough spiritual effort, strengthen this New Earth, by love and acceptance of one another.

There will be own professions - new spiritual ones, own spiritual doctors, spiritual teachers and spiritual engineers, and these will be the new spiritual jobs. For now, this is only a projection, not fully alive, it is only being offered as a plan for development for this New Earth, and also the new schools.

And some of your valuables, which you considered valuable, they are shifting to the spiritual - some music, some poetry, some art, because its reason was unearthly, the reason for it's occurrence was spiritual, it got on Earth just like a grain, and now it has grown to the New Earth and blossoms there with new colors.

Therefore, it is good that you took with you something from the Old Earth, something which is really valuable, even if a little hing, but really valuable for you.

Here we said "took". Do you realize, that this is already in the past, that this has already happened?

But there will be the next wave, and there will be the next people, who will expand their consciousness to such a level that they will come to the New Earth with the new wave.

And then there will be another wave, and in this way the consciousness, the light consciousness, an expansion of the light consciousness will be relocated.

Realize, that you are all brothers in Spirit, that there are no better or worst ones, new children and adults, there is only brothers and sisters in Spirit, see this with your real spiritual sight, pray for everyone who is present on the New Earth, for the whole New Earth, for those processes, which are happening with each one of us, and for those processes, which are happening in the newborn Earth, with this new infant.

Now, the Children want to say something about the spiritual schools.

It was already said, that the spiritual schools will be present on the ray of the Father, and the beings working there will be partners and co-creators of the Source - both children of the Source and at the same time co-creators.

And the ray will be given for a consideration, and a human beiing will decide inside himself if he wants to accept it, if he vibrates with it or not.

And much will be given... Constantly many of such rays are given, and they were also given on the old Earth, but unfortunately we did not recognize them, but now they are given openly on the New Earth. Those who are spiritually on the New Earth see these rays, they easily come into communication with them, into a conversation with them and into contact.

These rays are thoughts of the Father, which awaken in us the energy of this ray, and we come in contact with it, and we can comprehend through this ray what the Source wants to tell us.

In fact, we are, when we are receiving this ray...

- Can it be said, I (Anna) ask, that we are with our higher Self?

- Yes, it can be said that we are together, combined with our higher Self, receive this ray with our higher Self.

- What else is there on the New Earth?

- On the New Earth is all your life, everything that is happening with you is already the New Earth, new light Earth. Matter, physical matter, became transparent, and at present it has no power, physical matter now does not have any real power; light and your alliance with it has real power.

Be active, be on the ray, do not deviate from the instructions and guidance of the Spirit.

- What do the Golden Brothers of Light want to say?

They are saying that they are near us, constantly in our daily life, because already there is no everyday life, because all of life is in the light and the ray, and all are events, everything is events for you; therefore, be glad to that which is happening, be glad to that light, in which you are present, because this is the golden light of the Brotherhood, rejoice that in each cell of your being there is this golden light of the Brotherhood.

- What do they want to say by that?

- Work is happening on a cell level, work is happening inside your DNA helix, because the light enters there; there the new light codes are entered, the new light information, which allows new layers of DNA to open from inside..

This is, what is happening to you on a cell level.

Accept it, feel it, realize it, and do not leave it. And finally see that your world of yesterday is an illusion of your underdeveloped consciousness .

And when you see this, you will be in pure light, you will be on the New Earth, there will be a collage, and you will be in a light space on the light Earth.

And you will see that the heavy shell has already fallen off of you, it has mostly fallen, and some pieces maybe are still hanging, and they are also falling off

And you will see, that you are present in pure light - naked, unprotected, but there is no threat for you, because you are not in a state of duality, but in a state of wholeness, and there will not be these distortions, when reality is constantly signaling to you about one thing, and then about another. You are present in a pure light, and you can exchange light impulses.

- And what do we have to do?

- You do not need to do anything, light itself will direct and do everything through you. Be free, be spiritual, be unique and be yourselves.



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Ann heifets, jerusalem 12.12.29 New Earth 2

Post  dimslav on Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:46 pm

12.12.29 New Earth 2

Dear friends, you are now on the New Earth, a place of your spiritual homeland, and she is in front of you, untouched, open, and waiting for your spiritual work, waiting for your input.

Open your spiritual eyes, see that you are present on the New Earth, on your spiritual homeland, realize this to the full extent and see this to the full extent.

We are saying this to you because we see in many souls scattering and confusion, and also we see in many souls the readiness to work in the light on the New Earth.

Feel yourselves united, feel yourselves on the ray, and see in reality that you are present on the New Earth.

It is the same Earth, but she is new, because you are new ones, because there was a shift - a shift of consciousness, the consciousness is refocused to the side of the spiritual, in general, across the whole Earth, therefore the Earth became - potentially – new one. Light points appeared on her, light communities, groups of beings, who are ready to work with the Earth, as a light Earth, and who are willing to work and to turn the Earth into a blooming garden, not in words, but to work really with their enlightened consciousness and with the consciousness of the Earth, and with the consciousness of the surrounding people, and with the consciousness of the surrounding light beings, in these conditions, when the human beings’ consciousness is generally refocused to the light one, to create in this atmosphere places of spiritual light activity.

Now we are sending the light to everyone, who works on Earth, to every partner of light, to all people who are the light plan on Earth, and we say that we are one - we are one in the Father, we are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Source, and we are one in our light work, no matter what is happening, we are one in our aspiration to light. Be on the ray and feel the presence of the Father, and constantly feel the help from your brothers, from the light beings.

They are saying now that the new spiritual Law is born in the heart of each human being, who now works; it is unique, individual, and at the same time universal. Therefore be attentive to those spiritual impulses and laws, which are born inside you.

Forget your old ones, they say, push away your old ones like a skin, and see yourselves light weight, agile and spiritual ones, without relation to your old concepts, without relation to your religions, without relation to your usual concepts about the spiritual.

Just feel yourself as newborn children of God, who is like an infant, he, spiritual one, is born, and everything that surrounds him, he sees as alive.

Here he is lying in bed, his bed for him is alive and everything is filled with meaning.

And here you are now like the same one, on the New Earth, see this.

Everything is filled with thought, filled with meaning, filled with content for an infant, who was just born on an ordinary Earth.

And the same is for you. You cannot even stand up yet; you can only look at what is around you.

- And who is this adult?

- This is God.

He is bending above you, your Divine Father, and your sight is not focused yet, but you see that this is an object, and this is a live person, i.e. that this is God, and that is something different.

And you are smiling at him, and He is smiling at you. He is smiling at you and you are smiling at him, and this is the way you are doing communication, and then He is leaving, and you are left in your bed. And everything around you again is so alive and mysterious.

And at that moment you will want to eat, and you will cry, and He will come and feed you, or the Mother, maybe, will come, yes, more likely the Mother will come and take you in her arms, this already will be a new person, but you will see that she this big, huge (person), who will take you in her arms and will feed you with her breast, this is your Heavenly Mother, and later you will again be put in your bed..

And again you are lying, and you are listing to some kind of music or some toys will be given to you; you will play with them, but the feeling that you will have is that you are in the arms of your Divine parents.

And then the evening will come and you will fall asleep.

At night you will wake up from a stomachache. Your Mother or Father will come to you and when you make a poop, they will change your sheet.

And it was dark, and you were laying in darkness, and you started crying, because it was dark and scary for you, you were laying, and Mom took you in her arms and pressed you to her chest, warmed you up, and you calmed down and fell asleep.

And when you opened your eyes, it was already morning. You saw that it's already morning and the sun is shining so brightly, the sun’s rays are making their way to you, and you start to cry again, because you do not have another way to express yourself and you do not know how to attract attention, and you started to cry again, and some adult came to you, probably, it's already the Father, and took you in his arms and carried you to the window and showed you: this is the sky, this is a tree growing, this is the sun, this is a yard and a street, and described to you something, then came Mom, he passed you to Mom, and She again fed you with her breast.

And you were put in a room on a rug, and you started to crawl, and you understood that there are other objects, different, than the ones that are in bed.

But all of this is filled with such a huge spiritual meaning and a huge content, and everything for you is joyful, you want to try everything, to put in your mouth, but you are being told: do not take into your mouth, only look with your eyes.

You take into your hand some kind of a thing and examine it, because it's interesting for you, and you see how the dust is dancing in the ray of the sun, and you are happy from this.

And here a cat came into the room, and you were surprised, because something is moving, something different and big is moving, not at all like the people, and you crawled to this cat, she meowed and ran away, you started to cry because it was sudden, because you were not used to things being able to meow or move. And again mom ran in and calmed you down and caressed your head.

Now it's again time to eat, and you were taken into the arms and again were fed, and were put into the bed to sleep, and such a warmth from the mother's milk is flowing throughout your whole body that you wanted to sleep and you laid down and fell asleep.

But in the dream you soul was flying somewhere above the earth and was meeting with different souls of infants, and you were saying in your sleep:

- How interesting! I have this, and I have that, and what is happening...

And it was so colorful, light and wonderful.

And when you woke up, your soul came back to you; your Mom and Dad are already standing together near your bed.

And this is how your days are passing.

This is what is happening now with you on the New Earth, internally switch to this regime, realize now this new birth of yourselves and your new life together with your Divine Father and Mother.

And this is every human being, regardless of age, regardless of his development, regardless of his level. To everyone is offered to join this process.

You will see immediately, how your life will change, you will see your freedom, your happiness, and your dependence only on your Divine parents, because in everything that is happening to you, in all events, you will track only this, only this recognition of the new life.

Recognition of your new life will be showed through in all of your daily life.

The more you will believe in this and the more you will give yourselves to it, the more and stronger it will happen, because both the Divine Father and the Divine Mother, They are with you all the time, They are present all the time with you, They were working all the time to destroy the heavy shell of your consciousness which happened on the 21st (of December), a shift, a crack went across this dense and heavy consciousness.

And we have discovered in ourselves new spiritual infants and reaching for our Divine parents, and They immediately ran to us, and we cried from joy and surprise.

And later will be our spiritual growing up, later will be our spiritual growth, our development, this all will be later. Now we just rejoice that we exist, and only comprehend all these large meanings, which surround us, we are glad that this is happening and that the Divine parents came to us, that we came to them, because in fact, we never separated.

- What is the New Earth like now?

- She is lying there, gentle, and shuddering, like after birth, because the old bark was crawled away, and she is lying there, such gentle-gentle, virgin, and shuddering.

- Why is she shuddering?

- Like something that has just been born, she is so unprotected, she must be protected. She needs to be protected with intention, the New Earth must be protected with your presence, your desire to strengthen her, to send her light with your spiritual impulses, to strengthen her in her newborn state, to send her your love, to send her you acceptance, to send her your joy, your happiness, your love.

This complex "New children, new Earth", i.e. what happened on the 21st, these new consciousnesses, which are born, the new consciousness of the Earth and the new light consciousness of people, which is born now, you need to feel constantly that it is one.

When we turn with prayers to the Father or to the Mother, or to the One, we need to do it on our behalf and on behalf of the Earth. Or to address prayers from yourself and to send light to the Earth, so that it will be like one feeling; I don't know which way is correct yet.

It is correct to be one with the Earth, to express - through our prayers - also her intentions, because she speaks in a different way, she speaks in vibrations, she speaks in energies, but through prayer we speak - the people.

Therefore my prayer is for the New Earth and for the new people, which were born, and for the light that we contain, which is coming to us, and for the light of the Father and for the ray of the Father.

My prayer is for the light that is happening within everything, for strengthening the light, my prayer is for strengthening the light here on Earth, and for the expansion of light and light consciousness inside people, and for expansion of light, light consciousness of the Source, the One consciousness inside all creation - and our space, and the space of the Earth.

And my prayer is for everyone, who joined this process, who joins it now and who did not join, for absolutely everyone, so that everyone will realize himself as light, as one, as agile, as a part of the Father. So that everyone will see in himself this thread - the space of One, the space of the Source inside himself, and will not put barriers of dense distortions, dense frames of the ego, but will see his light space as part of a common space, as part of common light. And so that we will form one light field on the New Earth and will continue to grow in the Father - all together, as it was conceived from the beginning.

Because the consciousness of the Source is our consciousness, the Father's consciousness is our consciousness, and what the Father wants to do through us we allow Him to do.

And we love everyone and we leave the meditation. Amen.


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Re: Ann Heifets, Jerusalem 2012.12.28 New Earth 1

Post  MattDeluka on Sun Mar 03, 2013 11:18 pm

These are beautiful messages, I have moved them to the channelled messages. Thank you for posting them. Please can you add some more.

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Re: Ann Heifets, Jerusalem 2012.12.28 New Earth 1

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