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Ultra Extraterrestials- Dimensional beings here amongst us

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Ultra Extraterrestials- Dimensional beings here amongst us

Post  MattDeluka on Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:35 am

Ultraterrestrials are like extraterrestrials, a very technologically and scientifically advanced civilization (much more so than ours), except they don't come from space but rather, from our own Earth. In fact, they have been living among us since the dawn of time. They may be either a different branch of biological evolution, or a certain human culture that, for some reason, evolved much faster than others.

What connects Stone Age cave paintings and their spirit worlds in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Australia to the Middle Ages’ elves, fairies, changelings, and prophetic visions to modern-day shaman, UFOs, and aliens? It is the commonality of the hallucinatory themes as experienced under the effects of certain mind-altering drugs, trance dances, meditation, and other extreme physical exertions. For over 30,000 years, man has been having hallucinations sharing the same basic visual elements no matter the era or culture. The only thing that has changed is what we called these beings encountered in these altered states of consciousness. Surely these are Ultraterrestrials by any other name.

In the Stone Age, the spirits took the shaman on magical trips; their visions may have led to the beginnings of art and religion. The experience included surgical-like procedures with spears/arrows being stuck into the shaman, as painted on European cave walls. Also painted were therianthropes (half men/half beasts), magical animals, and strange, pear-shaped-headed men. This was also repeated in African iconography and the supernatural quality of their trances was reiterated in ethnographical accounts by the San Bushmen. Without a doubt, Shaman from around the world were in contact with beings beyond the realm of normal reality.

In the Middle Ages, the elves, fairies, little people, and women in white also took people (permanently or temporarily) into other realms, seemingly experimented on them, tried to create changeling hybrids, and lured people to them through animals, and dances. The Fairy circle dances seemed to be a mode of portal transportation, but flying vehicles were also seen. Witches in later centuries were reported to be able to see the occult world (possibly due to ergot-infected rye which induced hallucinations) and were condemned to death for this gift/curse. Several famous sightings of the Virgin

What are ultraterrestrials?

Ultraterrestrials Are Not Extraterrestrials

Throughout human history there have many documented examples of visitations

They include fallen angels, angels and indeed any other entities that visit here from other dimenisions. They have not arrived here by alien ships but rather through lowering their vibrations.
It is also stipulated that these ultra extraterrestials could be the ones living amongst us.

Tell us what you think


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Re: Ultra Extraterrestials- Dimensional beings here amongst us

Post  Shael on Tue Sep 06, 2011 3:47 am

I am almost sure that these beings share the planet with us, only they live in others dimensions. I don't know what happens in the human body when shamans see these creatures. They must enter a trance during which the frequence of their aura matches the frequence of the Ultraterrestrials. But i believe this special state can be achieved without the drugs the shamans use, since there are lots of healers and other people who see the beings.

The Ultraterrestrials can be seen even in a sober state. There are many encounters in Iceland for example. There have been lots of sightings of elves and fairies. Elves have been seen passing through the walls of cliffs, as if they walked through an invisible gateway.

There must be many factors causing a human to see these beings. I am sure there are places on Earth where authorities are studying this theme and of course, keeping the results away from the public... for the moment. But i don't think there are many such studies carried on "underground", because right now the authorities are busy dealing with aliens from other planet ( the classis types Very Happy ).
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